Rocky Mountain Revival – “Religions are not Potatoes”

I’m pleased to announce that my audio short “Religions are not Potatoes” was published this week by Rocky Mountain Revival. Rocky Mountain Revival is an audio art journal based out of (you guessed it) Colorado. I am quite proud to be involved with Rocky Mountain Revival as my hope is to produce more audio shorts such as the ones featured on their journal.

I had so much fun writing and recording “Religions are not Potatoes.” As the title suggests, it’s a silly story but there is certainly some sarcastic point I am trying to make. “What is it?” you ask. Even I’m not entirely sure but it revolves around local politics, political correctness, and technology with the capability to monitor the things we say in our own home.

Thank you to all of those involved with the creation of the story: Jamie Mickelson, Torey Jones, Jocylyn Engstrom, Seth Gordon, Joshua, Vanessa, and Janet (thanks, Mom) Granillo, as well as Scottsdale Community College. This would not have been possible without your help so thank you for letting me awkwardly stick a microphone in your face and expecting you to read lines from an admittedly strange and stupid story.

To listen to “Religions are not Potatoes” go here:

And don’t forget to show your support for Rocky Mountain Revival. ‘Like’ them on Facebook, stalk them on Twitter, or follow them home at night but make sure you listen to more of their journal:

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