Happy Fourth. America First.

On assignment, I attended Flagstaff’s annual Fourth of July Parade. In the days leading up to the parade, a few friends of mine and I had expressed our feelings of disdain for our country, the ways in which our president and his administration use their powers, subvert the truth and, despite that, seek adulation from their people.  Simply put, we were feeling quite unpatriotic as of late, and we all agreed that we, as a country, were not deserving of its self-congratulatory celebration. 

Nevertheless, the parade persisted. And as I was taking photos, I couldn’t help but feel tension, underlying messages of the truth of this country. We are not perfect, certainly not now. 

– G.G.

Happy Fourth America First


(Red) Happy fourth. America first.


(White) It’s a darn shame. 


(Blue) Essentially summer camps.

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