‘The Absolved’ review with Entropy

I’m pleased to announce that my review of Matthew Binder’s new sci-fi novel, The Absolved, has been published with Entropy.

Entropy is a literary magazine/website/community space which I’ve read and admired for about a year now, so it really is a pleasure to be featured on its website. When seeking out potential publications for the review, Entropy was the first to come to mind.

Binder’s novel, The Absolved, is darkly sarcastic and hauntingly real. It’s labelled as a sci-fi, and as good sci-fi does, his novel looks at the future by examining us as we currently are. Beyond its science-fiction pondering, The Absolved is encased in a nuanced socio-political world not far removed from our own.

Through Twitter, ironically, I reached out to Binder to see if he had any interest in a Q&A, because after reading the novel I was left with a bevy of questions. His responses were keen and invite us to look at how our current politics and technological advancements have shaped his world.

Much thanks to Matthew Binder, the folks over at Smith Publicity and Hanna Tawater at Entropy.


To read my review of The Absolved click here

To learn more about Entropy click here.

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